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Our Story

Appsvalledigital.com is one of the branches of  Apps Valle, an African  Consulting house that focuses on using its technology
expertise;  international exposure and a thorough knowledge of the local business terrain to guide African businesses enhance their traditional operations with viable e-business solutions.

Providing mobile and internet-related technology services Apps Valle owns and operates specialized business units that are exclusively set-up to complement and enhance our services and we draw on the expertise and combined resources of our other business areas to provide innovative, yet practical solutions that seek only to add value for the businesses we work with.


Valle is Italian for the valley. We dig deeper and deeper to deliver solutions and services based on cutting edge technology We integrate global research methodologies with local know-how to provide accurate, honest and objective intelligence. Our analysts have deep business knowledge.

We provide superior, Return on Investment (ROI) driven actionable initiatives.
Our home is Africa, and we are more focused on developing businesses on the continent.

Meet the Team

For the team at Apps Valle,  technology and innovation move us. And we believe in a prosperous Africa. We want to be in the middle of this prosperity. What we do, is to act as catalysts of development in our business activities.

Brian Ndegwa Karanja

Graphic Designer

Brian is a graphic designer.  He loves to dance, draw and but more, he loves to make clients happy.   To him, being a graphics artist is not only work, its a passion.

Linnet Anthony


Linnet loves to write and code. She is a firm believer that technology should be harnessed to  get business solution needed by African markets.  From the village fruit seller, to the oil tycoon in Nigeria,  there is a solution for their problems, that can be solved by technology.

Jeffrey Kabaiku


Jeff  loves coding as much as he loves music.   He likes to listen keenly to customers’s online business challenges and comes out with solution.